Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith

Album cover: This sleeve always makes me think of the old cartoon shows of giants robots battling invading aliens.  I find it pretty cool in way that it depicts the 'Heavy Metal' machine a.k.a. The Metallian and its coming onslaught on the world!

Overall album:  I consider Defenders Of The Faith to be an awesome representation of the greatness of Judas Priest. It combines all the fast, heavy and brutal elements from the band's arsenal of sound, which truly shows any listener why they are the Gods of Metal! 


Freewheel Burning: A straight up fast paced opener that gets straight down business. There are an explosion of varied guitar solos here and Rob Halford screeching over them, which makes you feel an inferno is blazing around you. 

Jawbreaker: A mid paced song that has a heavy chugging riff to it.  A crowd pleaser from start to finish.  It has an awesome vibe with a hint of several haunting elements. 

Rock Hard Ride Free: A very eerie start, which makes you feel that you're falling through space with that initial guitar solo. It rips into a classic heavy rock track that reminds you of...yes you guessed it, biking across an open highway. 

The Sentinel: Starts slow with a ominous riff and then picks up speed as you get assailed by a storm of sound. 

Love Bites: Wow, you just have to love the echoing bass that kicks this track off. Ian Hill really demonstrates his skills here.  Also, perhaps a very radio friendly song but the beauty of it lies in how Priest combine a very heavy bass and drum parts with light guitar sounds. A definite favorite. 

Eat Me Alive: A very recognizable Priest song with another chugging riff. Rob sings in a very sinister way as K.K. Downing and Glenn Tipton toss out equally evil solos. 

Some Heads Are Gonna Roll: A hard rock type of track that is quite catchy compared to the rest of the album.  

Night Comes Down: Easily the best track on this album and a ballad type of number that is both mournful and brooding. The solo that Glenn plays here is just epic. 

Heavy Duty: This track is a chant of sorts, where Rob is singing and building the crowds excitement in a big way for the final call.  The heavy drumming by Dave Holland really gets your adrenaline pumping here.  

Defenders Of The Faith: Heavy Duty flows into the title track, which is the shortest on the album and is essentially no more than a chorus that plays over and over again. But it's one heck of a piece and you can't help but sing along with it. 

Ultimate Album Song: Night Comes Down

The Band: Ian Hill (Bass), Glenn Tipton (Guitars), Rob Halford (Vocals), K.K. Downing (Guitars), Dave Holland (Drums)  
Image source: legacyrecordings.com

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